A Story Waiting To Be Told

In the Frank House today, this seminal Gropius – Breuer vision is not only unchanged, it is also relatively undiscovered. While the family’s pivotal role in Pittsburgh cultural life made the home a focal point in the city’s arts and education community over the years, the Frank family has desired to maintain the home as a private residence until now. It was photographed by Ezra Stoller shortly after completion, and again recently by Richard Barnes for a feature article in Häuser, the European architectural magazine. J Carter Brown, director of the National Gallery of Art and considered the country’s unofficial minister of culture, described the house as “The Nation’s Crown Jewel.” Most recently, it has been the subject of extensive research for an upcoming book by Architecture and Design Chief Curator Barry Bergdoll of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design has devoted a course entirely to the Frank House.

But the full story of the Frank House is waiting to be told. Its unrivaled treasure of preserved modernist vision is yet to be shared.

To that end, the Alan I W Frank House Foundation has been formed and has received its favorable determination as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Its mission is to preserve this unique asset in architectural and national history for the education and delight of future generations and to give them a place to connect directly with the work of the master designers who created the look and feel of modern life.

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