The Nation’s Crown Jewel

Scholars and critics who have visited the site are unanimous in their understanding of its importance as a masterpiece that must be preserved. J Carter Brown, director of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, and considered the country’s unofficial minister of culture, described the house as “The Nation’s Crown Jewel.” Toshiko Mori, former Chair of the Department of Architecture at Harvard University’s University’s Graduate School of Design, said the experience of visiting is “one of those rare occasions when you enter a house and it’s absolutely authentic. Mr. Frank preserved the house in its totality – equipment, furniture, fixtures, even original textiles and wall coverings. It’s all intact. It’s a very exquisite balance of architectural proportions, textures and colorations with machine-age aesthetics. Everything is very functional.”

Barry Bergdoll, Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at MoMA, who is using the house and its trove of correspondence as part of an extended study of Marcel Breuer, described the Frank House as “an exceptional historical document, as well as a major monument of American architectural art and architectural history.”

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