“The Frank House is a culmination of the ideal of the complete environment long dreamed of in the European avante-gardes and the Bauhaus, which Gropius founded in 1919 and where Breuer was one of the earliest and most gifted students. In Pittsburgh they realized their masterpiece of the integration of architecture, furnishings, and landscape.”
    – Barry Bergdoll, Chief Curator, Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

The Most Important Movement in Architecture and Design

Every day, everywhere we go in our daily lives, we are surrounded by the legacy of an idea begun nearly a hundred years ago in Germany, formed in the imagination of an architect named Walter Gropius, in a school called the Bauhaus. Our public spaces, our schools, our office buildings and their interiors, the furnishings and designs in our homes, all of these things bathe us, visually and physically, in a movement that literally changed every aspect of what was to become modern culture. It was the most important movement in architecture and design in human history.

The movement begun at the Bauhaus swept aside old forms of design with a new generation of creative thinking based on truth and new materials: steel, concrete and new forms of glass. Modernism was more than a new aesthetic; it was a marriage of form and function that connected buildings and the people in them to the earth, air and sky in a way that had not been possible before. Today, the influence of modernism is so pervasive, so direct and so ubiquitous that it’s nearly invisible to the casual observer…  unless there’s a place where one can step back, filter out the noise and be embraced by modernism in a pure and ideal form, on a uniquely human scale, in a setting as treasured and intimate as a grand family home. There is such a place. It’s nestled among the oaks and maples of Shadyside, a unique and historic Pittsburgh neighborhood that is a center of intellectual, cultural and family life in the city.

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