“A very exquisite balance of architectural proportions, textures and colorations with machine-age aesthetics.”
    – Toshiko Mori, former Chair, Department of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Lovingly Preserved

Like Rudolph Schindler’s King’s Road House in Los Angeles, and Gropius’s own home in Lincoln, Massachusetts – the Frank House serves as a unique document of both the modernist movement and the aspirations and culture of American families from a time that is quickly receding.

Unique among similar residential projects is the wealth of authentic detail in the Frank House. Rarely, if ever, have historic designers on the level of Gropius and Breuer had such latitude in a family home to explore new directions and ideas and express the fullness of their genius.

Lovingly preserved by Alan I W Frank, this rich legacy is ready to become an important medium for educating, sharing and experiencing modernism as conceived by its original thinkers. Its structure is sound, its furnishings are virtually unchanged except for the effects of time, and its continuity with the original idea is completely unbroken. With preservation, the Frank House can serve as a pure and authentic statement for generations to come.

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