Green Design Ahead of Its Time

Even by today’s standards, the home’s electrical and mechanical systems are very advanced. The home’s green roofs are more than just environmentally sound; they support living lawns and contribute to remarkable thermal efficiency. The home uses a fraction of the energy used by buildings of similar size. Climate management is aided by innovative direct use of solar energy and the control systems, which have been compared to those of a state-of-the art manufacturing plant. Because of these innovative features, the house doesn’t need auxiliary heat until the outside temperature drops to the 40s. It features one of the first examples of central air conditioning, with the first electrostatic system for purifying air.

Because of this collaboration between the Franks and the architects, and because of the unparalleled support of the clients for this vision, the Frank House emerged as a Total Work of Art in a way that defines architectural excellence and uniquely expresses the Pittsburgh region’s historic tradition of technological innovation.

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